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Blog Mom's Corner: Positive Parenting

Blog written by Courtney Hanner A blog for moms to come together and learn positive ways to grow and build positive parenting skills. If you are a parent, you behold the most important job on this earth—yes you! The hard part is that there is no handbook, rule book, or set of instructions for this journey. Let’s explore ideas of how to incorporate positivity into our parenting while we laugh, comfort, and embrace all of these blessed days together.

Mental Health is On the Rise Article written by Courtney Hanner

Mental Health is on rise. I wonder why? Could it be our crumbling society, division of political arenas, and the increasing push for human rights? Could it be that we always have needed it, but we are just now, becoming more aware? Regardless of the answer to this question, the awareness of mental health issues is definitely on the rise. And with the increased awareness, it is most certainly helping to reduce the many social stigmas of mental health issues as well as boost sales of mental heal

True Justice in the Law Article written by Courtney Hanner

Is There Really True Justice in the Law? Is there really true justice in the law? The answer is no. Well, let me clarify that. There is — sometimes. Complete justice in the law would mean absolute honesty, fairness, impartiality, and truth everywhere and in everything regardless of race, religion, age, sex, poverty, fame. All people should be treated equally concerning the law. Right? Unfortunately, this does not always hold true. The law is not perfect, and nor does it always serve justice to